About us

Cargo Carriers International Hauliers (Private) Limited (CCIH) is a Zimbabwe based logistics company operating extensively in the Southern and Central African region. Through a strategic business alliance with the Sabot Group, there are in excess of 456 horses available across the region. Additionally 1065 trailers with varied configuration enable the transportation of a diverse quantity and type of cargo. This alliance also allows CCIH to utilise an extensive depot and infrastructure network throughout the region.

Through its sister company Menwood Trading (Private) Limited in Zimbabwe, CCIH has access to major workshop facilities in Harare. The workshops are run under agreement with Volvo and maintain and repair the CCIH Volvo fleet as well as offering services to other Volvo truck operators.

CCIH's well-stocked stores carry the Volvo parts required to keep the fleet at optimal operational efficiency. Volvo and after-market spare parts are also available for sale to the general public.

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